Out Now! Emanuele Errante – This World

It’s been a busy week after having sold out of our Glåsbird release before it had even been up for pre-order. Hot on its tails, we welcome Italian sound artist Emanuele Errante, who some may recognise from his collaborations with Dakota Suite or Dag Roseqvist. ‘This World‘ is a 10 track journey through memories of old, levelled against thoughts of the present as electronics and organic instruments layer together. Errante uses field recordings, synth and guitar as well as some piano from Bruno Sanfilippo and also, oboe and saxophone by Max Fuschetto. Artwork is provided by SoWhat Musica magazine’s Peppe Trotta. This will be available in 2019’s signature gatefold-LP style CD, in a run of 100 copies  and we’ll release this officially on or around the 24th of August 2019. This one might appeal to artists such as Midori Hirano, Jens Pauly or M. Ostermeier.

This World was released to subscribers of our mailing list last weekend, who had the first opportunity to grab a copy and the CDs have been going well! You can stream the album on Bandcamp and of course, grab one of the remaining physical copies or a download if you prefer by clicking the link below or image above. To avoid missing out on future releases, you can join our mailing list HERE


press release
“Emanuele is a sound artist from Baia a little coastal town in the Phlegraean Fields in Southern Italy. He has released albums with labels such as Karakoe Kalk, Somnia and Apeginine as well as collaborating with artists such as the Dakota Suite, Dag Rosenqvist and compatriots Enrico Coniglio and Elisa Marzorati. Live performances have seen Emanuele share a stage with artists including Deaf Center, Biosphere, Vladislav Delay, Tim Hecker, Xela, Marsen Jules and Ulrich Schnauss.

Since the age of 6, he started playing a bontempi organ, a Christmas gift given by his parents before progressing through synthesizers and performing in local bands. With some years spent creating music using a computer, these days, Emanuele’s workflow is returning to his origins of live playing, usually with a synthesizer. His work is now imbued with an acoustic quality, sitting comfortably alongside electronic aesthetics. The natural sounds of field recordings add an almost tangible dimension to his work and it is here, in the outdoors, that his latest album is immersed.

‘This World’ is a deep and intimate exploration of what our planet and its inhabitants have become today which Emanuele is honest enough to admit, he doesn’t particularly like much of what he sees. Each of these 10 tracks is a reflection of what the world once was not so many years ago and what it is now. The path meanders both memories and present considerations, beginning with sparse, minimal notes to initiate contemplation, before more expansive, lush arrangements take hold as the album progresses. Emanuele narrates a deeply personal account throughout This World, but these tales are both vague and provocative enough for the listener to contemplate the journey for themselves.

Written and produced by Emanuele Errante
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Cover artwork by Peppe Trotta
Internal photo by Emanuele Errante
Packaging design by Harry Towell

Guest Musicians:
Max Fuschetto – Oboe on ‘Anema’, Saxophone on ‘Azimut’
Bruno Sanfilippo – Piano on ‘Out There’

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