Introducing: Old Amica – Taiga

Soon we’ll welcome a new artist to Whitelabrecs, in the form of Old Amica.

This duo from Sweden have created a short trailer video which features an excerpt of a track from their album ‘Taiga‘ which will be out on or around the 29th of June. The music is a mix of dusty Modern Classical music, a healthy helping of Post Rock and plenty of blurry, nostalgic Ambient tones.

This clip is a section of the short film ‘Plats. Poesi. Periferi.‘ made by Jonas Börjesson and produced by Art Inside Out for Region Halland.

The packaging is on order and set to drop next week and the artists have promised more videos, including a complete music video to one of the tracks. We’ve never been so organised ahead of a Whitelabrecs release!

To avoid missing out, you can join the mailing list here:
We won’t spam you it’s a promise (we don’t even have the time to create oodles of spam!). You’ll just get an email a week before an album is announced to the big wide world.

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