Coming soon…Sven Laux – ODD

Our next highly limited edition gatefold vinyl-effect CD sees Berlin, Germany based artist Sven Laux return, who released the now out of print Schachmatt with us in 2018. ODD is an emotional and personal album for Sven, following the birth of his daughter and a move to a new house with a new studio. It’s the first album he created in his new environment and it is a beautiful Modern Classical album, featuring the monochrome photography of Peter Nejedly. As usual for 2019, this will be available in 2019’s signature gatefold-LP style CD, in a run of 100 copies. Based on how quickly Schachmatt sold out, it’s recommended to grab a copy quick as these won’t hang around! We’ll release this officially on or around the 8th of June 2019. Those who follow artists such as Max Richter, Ben Frost or Glåsbird should enjoy this!

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press release
“We’re pleased to welcome back Berlin based artist Sven Laux, responsible for the now out of print Schachmatt which we released in 2018. Sven has been no stranger to the Ambient and Modern Classical scenes since then, with a release on Archives, a collaboration with Daniela Orvin as well as working on his new label Seasides On Postcards.

ODD is the first album Sven has created in his new studio, after moving into a new place following the birth of his daughter. Whilst working on the album, he always had in mind that there are calm parts in life followed by faster parts. He depicts the peaks and troughs of our existence through soft swathes of orchestral ambience interspersed by moments of rhythmic strings and electronic pulses.
Sven draws inspiration from the film soundtrack greats and constantly strives to build a bridge between classical music and Ambient; in ODD he created an entirely digital album but worked hard to program the right timbres to achieve a realistic orchestral sound.

There is a settled feeling to ODD thanks to long passages of repetitive strings and this forms the backdrop of the album as a broadly melancholic listen, laced with emotion from Sven’s own experiences. These are intended to draw the listener into the stories and absorb them. An overwhelming new dawn of possibilities becomes the theme for Sven with his new home, studio and indeed the new life of his baby daughter beginning this chapter.
What does ODD stand for? One Dramatic Day? Opening Doors? Is it a phrase in German? Does it mean anything? It will remain undefined. For us, these seven untitled pieces serve as a cinematic milieu, with the monochrome packaging presented as close-up film reels covered in dust.

Written and produced by Sven Laux
Mastered by Tobias Lorsbach
Artwork by Peter Nejedly
Packaging design by Harry Towell

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