Coming soon…Glåsbird – Grønland

Our discography for 2019 continues and for the second time in as many releases, we have increased the run count to 100 copies and opted for a special printed gatefold LP style packaging! Last December we privileged to present the debut Glåsbird release, a 2 track digital EP named Drift Stations. We’re very excited to present this anonymous artist’s debut album Grønland which is a cinematic suite of Modern Classical music with dramatic strings, frosty piano and hints of electric guitar. It releases on February 9th 2019 in a run of 100 copies. The album is a sonic expedition around Greenland and fittingly, the sound design feels icy cold, reminiscent of work by artists such as A Winged Victory For The Sullen, The Frozen Vaults and Sven Laux. This one features artwork by photographer Lennart Pagel, who travels the world and shares his images via Instagram.

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press release
“Glåsbird returns following the debut EP ‘Drift Stations’ which was a digital only release on Whitelabrecs just prior to Christmas last year. The eagerly awaited full-length debut album is something that this currently anonymous artist has carefully shaped over a lengthy period of time and it is entitled Grønland. Those looking to the themes of the North Pole and travel through the treacherous Arctic Circle which were contained within Drift Stations, will see a pattern of travel or rather, migration developing. Next stop – Greenland, the world’s largest island as well as one of the most uninhabited landmasses on the planet, which is thanks to stark temperatures and the permanent ice sheet which occupies most of this land.

Glåsbird imagined that they were assigned the task of scoring the soundtrack to a film about Greenland and spent a great deal of time researching the subject. Hours of documentaries, drone helicopter footage, NASA and satellite images, Instagram traveller accounts, 360° photos, web articles and maps were surveyed, to the point where this artist felt sufficiently immersed in this sub-zero but beautiful land. One such traveller/photographer who has physically witnessed the splendour of Greenland is Lennart Pagel, who kindly provided the cover image; the shot not only captures the essence of this country with its iced mountains, freezing lake and primary-coloured cabin but also there is a bold starkness which lends itself to this soundtrack.

Two releases in and whilst we’re no clearer as to who is behind this project, it is clear that Glåsbird is becoming synonymous with storytelling and specifically travel or migration, if you prefer.
The music itself adopts a Modern Classical approach with icy piano shards shimmering alongside glacial violin and cello drones as well as the occasional hint of grounding electric guitar. We’re told that the artist even recorded some sections of sounds to cassette before placing the tape in the freezer to give an added chill factor.

We’ve decided that such an impactful concept would suit a special ‘gatefold LP’ style packaging that we’ve run a couple of times as well as an increased run of 100 copies. Where will the Glåsbird land next?”

Written and produced by
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Lennart Pagel (

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