Rusted Tone Recordings: The Maker #1 – Spheruleus

Our label owner Harry Towell has this week taken some time to answer a few questions fired at him by Rusted Tone Recordings, who released his cassette ‘glimmers’ early in 2018…

Rusted Tone Recordings

Welcome to the first instalment of ‘The Maker’; a regular interview feature with artists who have released works on RTR. There will also be a regular accompanying feature, ‘The Listener’, which engages with the label’s listeners.

To kickstart the series and celebrate the launch of the new RTR website, The Maker #1 features Spheruleus, who released the first tape on RTR back in February 2018 with the album ‘Glimmers’ (RTR001). Spheruleus is the solo music project of Lincolnshire-based Harry Towell, who is well-established within the contemporary ambient scene having released on labels Time Released Sound, Hibernate Recordings, and Home Normal. When he’s not making music, Harry runs the labels Whitelabrecs and Audio Gourmet, as well as the reviewing site Irregular Crates.

Spheruleus (Harry Towell)

How did you first get introduced to ambient/drone/experimental music?

I suppose the short answer would be getting a laptop during…

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