Out Now! Glåsbird – Drift Stations EP

We recently announced our final release of the year and a winter sale, ready to put our feet up and relax for the rest of the year.
We’ve decided to scrap that and release an EP we’d lined up for next year a little early, so that we can introduce a project that we’re particularly excited about – Glåsbird.
Drift Stations is a 2 track EP of Modern Classical soundtrack music, recommended if you enjoy Hammock, Stars of the Lid or The Frozen Vaults and this digital only release tracks the beginning of the journey as the artists heads from the North Pole, towards the chosen theme of the debut album – Greenland.

press release
Glåsbird is an anonymous project by an established artist within the Ambient/Modern Classical scene. To date this artist name has not produced any work that has been published and we’re proud to present both the first ever Glåsbird release as well as the debut album, due out early next year.

The Glåsbird sound is undefined and we’re told that it will be used to demonstrate working to themes, ideas and soundtracks. The artist studies their chosen topic intently before crafting electro-acoustic recordings into evocative cinematic soundscapes. The debut album Grønland is a sonic expedition to Greenland, tracking the enormous frozen ice cap, the colourful scandi huts and its lack of human inhabitants.
The preceding Drift Stations EP features two tracks which tell the story of embarking on this imaginary journey to Greenland, as it begins in the North Pole before traversing the frozen Arctic Circle sea towards the monolithic landmass.

In a brief section of recording space, the artist has stitched together a shrill and lonely coldness using violin, cello, sparse piano notes and other digitally effected acoustic instruments. Drift Stations is then set off with a magnificent photograph, taken on Greenland by photographer and tour guide Lasse Kyed.

Written and produced by Glåsbird
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by Lasse Kyed (https://www.instagram.com/greenland_explorer)

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