Winter Sale 2018

With our latest album now out, that’s us done for the year in terms of new releases. 2018 has been a brilliant year on so many levels and we’ve been delighted to put out some great albums from both new and established artists. We equalled our personal best of 17 albums released so we’ve certainly been busy!
Plans are already in place for 2019 and we’ve so much wonderful Ambient music lined up from artists such as Jens Pauly, Sven Laux, Anthéne and Glåsbird with a few more exciting new packaging ideas along the way!.
In the meantime as we sign out, we thought we’d have a bit of a winter sale! If you enter your purchase price followed by the discount code ‘festive15’, you can enjoy 15% off all physical and digital items.
Check out our catalog by clicking the following link:
The offer runs from the 1st of December until 31st of December at 11:59pm and even includes our latest release which is by James A McDermid.

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