Whitelabrecs Box Set Volume 2

We’ve managed another 20 releases since our last box set, so we thought we’d prepare ‘volume 2’ following our last set which covered releases 1-20.
This new box set starts at re-issuing a ‘whitelabel vinyl’ effect version of our Whitelabsounds compilation and includes all catalog numbers until WLR040, which is Daliah’s Holy Mountain.

Also included are some out of print items, from artists such as Sven Laux, Steve Pacheco, The Prairie Lines and Slow Heart Music.

We’re committed not to re-press any albums as we want to keep things small and collectable but for those looking to either preserve the collection or play ‘catch-up’ if you’ve only recently discovered us, we think it’d be nice to make things available as a box set.

The package itself is simple and ‘DIY‘, very much like each of the CDr releases we put out with a card board box being the perfect size to comfortably house the 20 discs. The boxes are hand-stamped in an ink colour of your choosing and the vinyl-style CDrs will be contained with a polaroid of the cover artwork and inside card sleeves. Again, you can choose the colour of the sleeves.
You’ll be contacted following your purchase and we’ll consult on your options and then we’ll order the materials, burn the discs and deliver to you securely!

You can visit our dedicated page on the Whitelabrecs Bandcamp site where an order can be placed by clicking below or HERE


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