Out Now! Daliah – Holy Mountain

This morning we’re proud to have released our 40th record, which means the second of our 20 disc box set series will be due out imminently.
For those who are collecting the originals, please read on…

Next up, our roster of artists hops back to USA as we welcome Nashville, Tennessee artist John Clubb, who records as Daliah. John’s output to date consists of a tape release on Chilean label No Problema and he also has self-released material available on his Bandcamp page. ‘Holy Mountain‘ is a curious blend of Ambient drones and electronic sampling techniques, as piano and synth are blended with glitching, light noise and hiss. It also sees the return of our regular collaborator Federica Jeanne de Luca, who has now contributed artwork to three of our releases. This one might be enjoyed by fans of Clark, Tsone or Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works.

You can listen to a preview of the album by using the Soundcloud player below or grab one of the remaining copies or a digital version by clicking the bandcamp player or link below.

This went to out to our mailing list last weekend and at time of writing, we’ve still got some copies left. To find out more, you can click the link below or on the image above to listen. To avoid missing out on our future releases, you ca join our mailing list HERE


press release
Daliah is a Nashville, TN based Californian named John Clubb whose output to date has consisted of a tape on Chilean label NO PROBLEMA as well as self releases work. He has been mixing and recording for around a decade and his current approach is based around simple melodies, recorded on the fly with a portable midi controller and laptop. He then goes through a layering process which enables him to escape from reality as he gets lost within the loops.

John has a wide-ranging set of influences to his sound, however he cites Japanese musician Hitoshi Yoshimura’s Music For 9 Postcards as a particular inspiration behind his album for Whitelabrecs.

This formed a starting point for ‘Holy Mountain’ as John was transfixed by how Yoshimura conveyed his memory of several moments of time into sound.

Holy Mountain is a set of recordings which serve as sombre drones and/or sleepy lullabies. The curious approach to production blends live instrument recordings with an electronic sampling approach and includes tiny fragments of detail such as field recordings and the subtle sound of breathing.

Breathing leads onto how John sees his creation process and for him, writing, playing and recording Ambient music is his form of meditation.
Holy Mountain is a sonic journal which documents John’s journey through good and bad, over a two year period. He keeps the exact content of this journal close to his chest and we the listeners are left with a suite of beautiful sound in which we can only dream of how his accompanying postcard memories might appear. As you too get lost inside the loops of John’s journey, you can gaze at the accompanying artwork by Federica Jeanne de Luca, which helps set an abstract scene.

Written and produced by John Clubb
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Artwork by Federica Jeanne de Luca

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