A Closer Listen: Best Labels of 2017

We have been readers of A Closer Listen for many years and the site has had a hand in shaping the listening taste that aids the curation of Whitelabrecs. So we were thrilled to see this small label has been named one of A Closer Listen’s favourite labels of 2017, alongside top US label Constellation and Indonesia’s Tandem Tapes.

“The U.K.’s Harry Towell is no stranger to the ambient realm.  As Spheruleus, he’s unleashed many gorgeous albums into the world; as the head of Audio Gourmet, he continues to release Tea Break EPs; and in early 2016, he established Whitelabrecs as yet another outlet for beautiful music.  The fun part about the label is that the physical releases all look like 45s.  Each comes with a polaroid print as well.  With sounds ranging from the sedate to the drone-induced, the artists on the roster offer a seemingly endless supply of static, loops and lovely melodies, the perfect panacea for a fast-paced world.  The label released 16 albums in 2017, bringing their total to 32.” Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

To check out A Closer Listen’s full post, click the image above or HERE

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