Out Now! Polaroid Notes – Unsung Memories

Today marks our 29th release as we welcome Polaroid Notes, who some may recall from our sister labels Tessellate and Audio Gourmet. Polaroid Notes is an artist named Andreas who resides in the Bavarian Alps, not far from Munich. His Ambient work is very much inspired by film and TV series, as he strives to carve out sketches for his own unreleased movie score. Unsung Memories plays out with each track as an episode with brooding piano and electronic drone texture. We suspect fans of Willits+SakamotoRobert Scott Thompson or Christof Dejean may enjoy this record – you can listen to the album in the Bandcamp player above.

Unsung Memories is out this weekend in a limited edition run of 50 copies to the world, packaged in our usual vinyl-imitation CDrs with polaroid artwork prints.

This went to out to our mailing list last weekend and at time of writing, we’ve got copies still available – to find out more or grab a copy, you can click the link below or on the image above to listen. To avoid missing out on future releases, you can join our mailing list HERE


press release
“Polaroid Notes is a German artist named Andreas residing in the countryside between Munich and The Alps and also records as Kraut Sounds. His work as Polaroid Notes has seen releases through our sister labels Tessellate Recordings and most recently, a free netlabel EP called ‘Days Of Our Lives’ on Audio Gourmet. He has also released on Büro für Erdrotation as well as a string of dub-techno geared records as Kraut Sounds on the likes of Terra Rossa, Spiel:feld and Adept Label.

Andreas’ long-standing involvement with music began in the 80s with him performing in bands as well as DJing. His musical journey absorbed 70s Kraut electronica, dub techno and modern Ambient sounds and in Polaroid Notes, he’s settled on a deeply reflective and cinematic sound that plays out like a film score. The work begins with a few simple piano lines before being developed into a soundtrack with analogue and digital equipment, electronics and drone texture.

Against a chilling backdrop of mountains, trees and inspirational landscapes, Andreas’ ambition is to compose a film soundtrack with his piano movements as Polaroid Notes. With every note, Unsung Memories yearns to be the score for an unfilmed movie or TV series, as the matters of dark characters play out across the frames. Each track could represent a single episode or scene. It’s like a journey through deserted and desolate landscapes, cities, hearts and minds, provoking pictures of fate and despair, always with tension. Maybe there is a chance for relief, somewhere, sometimes? But nothing is ever over… ”

Catalog number WLR029
Written, produced and mastered by Polaroid Notes
Photography by Polaroid Notes
Artwork by Harry Towell

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