Out now! WLR025 Steve Pacheco – The 4th

Next up on Whitelabrecs we welcome Steve Pacheco to the catalog who some of you may recognise for his excellent album ‘Constellate‘, recently released on Belgian imprint Dauw. Steve is based in Los Angeles but this album is about memories and loss following him leaving his former residence in Santa Fe for a new job opportunity back in LA. The material in ‘The 4th‘ is some of our most Ambient‘ work since the likes of Russell Glynn or Dave Kirby. This one may appeal to those who like Taylor DeupreeThe Humble Bee or Twincities.

At time of writing, we’ve got copies still available – to find out more or grab a copy, you can click the link below or on the image above to listen. To avoid missing out on future releases, you can join our mailing list HERE


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press release
“Steve Pacheco is an artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California who had spent a period of three years in Santa Fe, New Mexico from 2012 to 2015 before returning to LA. From an early age Steve could be seen carrying a red transistor radio set to a classical station and this lo-fi sound has stayed with him into his adult life. His debut album Constellate was released this year on Belgian label Dauw and like many of their releases, it has sold out.

Steve had actually agreed to release his first album ‘The 4th’ with Whitelabrecs however a change in schedule at Dauw meant that Constellate was moved from its scheduled release in fall 2017 meaning it became his debut.
Typically, Steve’s sound begins life as a simple melody or loop typically created using guitar, piano, kalimba, xylophone or other acoustic sources. These are then processed until a texture or drone is achieved and then stored to a library of sound. In the next stage, Steve will then look to assemble these loops and carve out different frequencies from them into a track and this process can take quite a long time. For an extreme example, the final track on this album ‘Completion’ was first drafted in 2010 as Steve does not set out to create something specific – he strives to work until something ‘reveals itself’ so the process is as much down to chance and persistence than anything else.

The 4th is an album themed around cherished memories, loss and letting go as each track is deeply connected to memories he experienced during his time in Sante Fe. The first three tracks are set in Santa Fe whereas the final piece ‘Completion’ is a reference to Steve’s return to Los Angeles for a new job opportunity. The title of the album is a reference to the Chakra system, with the fourth of these being the heart. Whilst the deeply personal events and circumstances that inspired the work within this album may not translate to you the listener, it is intended that the material will inspire memories and feelings dear to you as the warm textures will envelope you.”

Catalog number WLR025
Written and produced by Steve Pacheco
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Artwork by Steve Pacheco

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