Floating In Silence

Late last year we put together a release which has become a collaboration between French artist Philippe Lamy and Italian artist Federica Jeanne De Luca. The album is entitled ‘Inner Stretch‘ and features a selected polaroid print of De Luca’s striking Indian ink artwork.

On the 10th of May Federica’s work was selected for an exhibition at Studio Masiero, Milan, curated by the renowned Italian art critic Claudio Cerritelli. Many of her creations were presented behind minimalist white frames, draped linen panel, enlarged drawing paper or behind glass.
To add to the effect, the ‘Inner Stretch’ album was piped into the room as an audio visual installation. The CD package was housed inside a black presentation frame as a small tribute to Federica’s work with Philippe and Whitelabrecs (see above).

We’re unable to recreate the experience fully to do it justice, however you can listen to Inner Stretch by hitting play below and buy one of the remaining 6 copies (at time of writing) if you like what you hear.
Below you can see selected images from the gallery or click HERE to visit Federica’s dedicated page.

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