Out Now! WLR019 David Kolhne – Granular Canvas

We’ve yet another highly limited edition release for you, this time from an anonymous artist named David Kolhne. David has self-released a couple of works via his Bandcamp page but ‘Granular Canvas‘ is his first physical release on a label. The artist behind the project is actually well known in the Ambient scene, having been active for over 15 years but chooses to remain anonymous for this project. The 6 mid length tracks here could be loosely filed under Ambient, Drone and Electronic and should appeal to fans of Paul Jebanasam, Tim Hecker or labels such as Kranky or 12k. It’s available now on Whitelabrecs in a very low run of just 50 CDrs.

At time of writing copies of this album are still available – to find out more or grab a copy, you can click the link below or on the image above to listen. To avoid missing out on future releases, you can join our mailing list HERE


press release
“David Kolhne is an anonymous experimental artist that has been active under other guises since the turn of the millennium. We are told that the artist behind this mysterious project is inspired by releases from labels such as 12k and Kranky; his sound straddles the lines between modern Ambient composition incorporating electro acoustic methods. The David Kolhne project started life in 2016 and has seen the occasional self-released work emerge from his Bandcamp page.
It is suggested that David’s location is Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) however as with many anonymous artists, this may in fact be a smokescreen. Not much can be gleaned from the artist’s profile image either, as a ghostly figure only adds to the disguise.

Typically, Kolhne’s work is structured from soft and hard synth recordings along with recordings of his custom-built instruments, transformed into carefully assembled environments of micro sound. ‘Granular Canvas’ is no different as it sets off on a journey through some 54 minutes of carefully formulated Ambient paintings. However, they are not so much pictures or paintings as they are colour washes, as deep strokes of blue, grey and green dominate the palette. Such tones evoke a sort of sea-spray shade and as you listen, you will be struck by a suggestion of pressure yet somehow, a sense of relaxation. The sounds have the power to both immerse and sooth as you take your own thoughts and ideas to them each listen, day or night, rain or shine.
Kolhne works completely free from concept however, particularly within Granular Canvas as he strips away all narrative in favour of allowing the sounds, noises and tones a voice in which to tell a story. A blank canvas, if you will.

Catalog number: WLR019
Written and produced by David Kolhne
Mastered by Tim Diagram
Artwork by David Kolhne and Harry Towell

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